The fresh-colored cedis logo demands “Yes to Hygiene and Care for everydayHEARING!” Ideally, with the cleaning, functionand value-retaining cedis brand products by egger.

You can rely on the comprehensive, professional disinfection and hygiene program with this cedis logo: on the hands and on the skin, earmolds and instruments, tools and surfaces.

Where this cedis logo is on the outside, premium hearing aid batteries are found inside. “Quality Made in Germany”, from the largest and most modern production site worldwide.

With epro hearing protection, noise does not stand a chance. Regardless of whether at the workplace, during your leisure time or at night: the epro brand stands for safe, certified and always individually fitted hearing protection.

Under the evolupt brand, egger distributes state-of-the-art 3D printers for the production of earmolds, cast molds and ITE shells: for every production quantity. For every budget.