Digital Manufacturing of Earmolds

– from the scan to the biocompatible earmold


The direct route to earmold manufacturing. With Rapid Manufacturing a highly precise scan offers perfect data of the  ear impression. Then 3D Modelling makes it possible to generate a customerspecific fitting with regard to functionality,  retention and cosmetic design.


The result is a custom-fit earmold that can be reproduced again and again. High-quality  materials guarantee complete biocompatibility.

Process chain


A precise ear impression is the prerequisite for a perfectly fitting earmold. 


The scanner is the start for the digital earmold manufacturing. Further information can be found in our brochure “3 Shape” – 3D-Scanners.


Design your own earmold with the modelling software by “3Shape” – we also have detailed information on hand for you.

3D Printer

The egger product line evolupt® offers most modern 3D printers, along with our comprehensive 3D printing material. For any production volume. For any budget.


The eamolds need to be cleaned in isopropyl alcohol after the printjob.


Drying is necessary to enable the solvents to evaporate from the cleaning process.

Post-curing process

Post-curing process is carried under inert atmosphere (nitrogen). This step is necessary to ensure the biocompatibility and the mechanical characteristics.

Surface finishing

We recommend to lacquer 3D printed earmolds with egger LP/H lacquer. Optionally: polish the surface mechanically or drum-polishing.